Coming Up With Catchy History Research Paper Ideas- Brainstorming Techniques

One of the first steps that you have to complete when you are writing any research paper is coming up with a good topic to write about. You will see that it is a fairly difficult task sometimes. You can’t just choose anything to write about. There are some specific criteria that have to be met to make sure that the topic that you choose is good enough for the project.

You want to first make sure that your topic is relevant. Some teachers will even make you give a term paper proposal to make sure that you can write a solid paper on your topic. They don’t want you to do all that work and then flunk the assignment because it really has nothing to do with the class that you are taking. You will also want it to be interesting because you will be spending a lot of time reading about it. The easiest way to torture yourself is to choose a topic that bores you. Another important aspect is how specific the topic is. You don’t want it to be too general in nature that you can’t find enough resources to back up your claims. But you also don’t want it to be too broad that you have way too much information to sort through and try to create a thesis statement on.

There are some really good ways to brainstorm some ideas. You need to make sure that you exhaust all options before jumping into any topic.

  1. Word association
  2. Word association deals with writing down a few words that deal with some of the more exciting topics you have discussed in your history class. These should be very general topics. Then write down every word that comes to your mind when you are looking at the subject.

  3. Free writing
  4. Just start writing any and everything that you can think about the class. Any events, people, wars, time periods that you can think of. You will eventually write down something that you can use.

  5. Text book research
  6. Go through your text book index and start writing down interesting topics. Narrow them down to a thesis statement for each and choose which one is the best.

There are so many topics that you can write about but the key is to find the one that works the best for you.

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