Looking for Free 1st Grade Homework Help: 5 Basic Tips

It is odd to think that a child in first grade will have homework, but those assignments are very important. They build a foundation that if properly built, will last a lifetime. The work will help children learn how to balance their time and shoulder responsibility. Here are a few basic tips concerning your first grader and homework help.

  1. Do not do the work for them-you are going to be tempted to help out your child or do the work for you child. Resist this surge. A child who is left to uncover secrets to dilemmas just learned a lesson. When your child becomes teary, then join him or her at the table and offer comfort and the occasional direction. But no one wins when you do your child’s homework assignments.
  2. Do keep an eye on them-keep an eye on your son or daughter as they work. You may have to re-direct them or assist with a cookie and milk break time. Be in the same room when they work.
  3. Do consider joining a parent group-parent groups are great. They give you a support system and you can bounce off ideas or concerns with other parents. The group can be in real time or can be a virtual venture. Having extra help will make the job easier on you, and that matters.
  4. Do keep in touch with the teacher-if you are worried, need an update, or wish to give the teacher important information, then do email or visit with the teacher. Email is nice, because then you have a paper trail in case you need it later down the line. Also, the teacher can give you solid details in an email at her leisure. He or she may be too busy at car time or dismissal to give you full attention.
  5. Ask for extra work or handouts for tough lessons-if your child is struggling in a specific area, ask the teachers for suggestions and for additional work in the field. If he can give you extra handouts or point you to an online reinforcement game, then the lesson may come easier to your son or daughter.

Congratulations your baby is now in first grade. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, use these five basic tips for free homework help.

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