Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

“Flyboys: A True Story of Courage” is a nonfiction story written by James Bradley that details events occurring during World War II. The story details what happened to several American prisoners of war (POWs) who were captured and executed. They were then part of cannibalism near the Pacific islands. While the story has an interesting twist of events based on real actions that occurred, some people have mixed reactions when they read parts of the book. People who lived during the time period may have their own memories of stories about POWs, but some are not sure if this fits the same scenario.

Few people feel “Flyboys” is a must read book. They may have history of what happened during the war or they may know someone that is familiar with what happened during this time (war vet, historian, educator, etc.). Some people thought the book gave more clarity on why the United States went to war. The book gives insight on what it was like to be a fighter during World War II. People were able to review the dangers many soldiers dealt with while on the front lines. But, there are a few readers that really question how well the author really knew what he was talking about.

There are details in the book the author wrote about from interviews. He may not have actually experienced some of the content he writes about, but he works to share insight from people that survived the ordeal. The fighters described in the story were shot down by the enemy when they flew over. What happens from here many people find disturbing, and for others hard to understand or even read. Then you have people that feel as if the book was missing something.

Some readers couldn’t put their finger on what that something was, while others felt the writer was focused on the wrong element in relation to the POWs that survived. For the most part many people appreciated the content and thought the book was an interesting read. For people that are more familiar with what happened during World War II, you may have more to say than others on how well content came together in the book. Others feel they gained more understanding of what POWs went through and why this war was so dangerous.

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