Searching for Free History Homework Answers

Dates, places, periods, all of this can be confusing to some students, in fact even daunting. Sometimes making sense of these facts, is extremely hard for some students. Finding free help, can be the difference from passing, to failing the class. But not to worry, as there are many places to find this help with; searching for free history homework help. This is what will be looked at here.

  1. History Sites
  2. Tutorials
  3. Books/Textbooks
  4. Videos/Shows

History Sites

There are a number of reputable sites online that are based on history. Searching for the subject in the search engines you use, can find them. Or knowing a few sites, and searching on their search engine, can find the answers the student needs. The site will not only have the information, but the supporting information as well, to give a better understanding of the fact. It is often the supporting information, that helps the student understand, why the historical incident is important. This in turn helps the student, then give a more in depth answer to the homework question.


Tutorials can be a hit or miss tool, in this case. The reason being, not every historical incident is written about in tutorials; but general and common points that are covered. But the ones that are covered, are usually covered in good depth, that the student can benefit from. So these can be useful, when and if, the subject is found.


The student’s textbook is always going to be the best place to start. From there, the student can either get the information, or get enough of it, to see where to start looking. Usually the students can find keywords, that will help them look up, what is not covered in a way to answer the question. The library has books on many historical subjects, and time periods. The books in there, will have the in depth answer that the student is looking for. If the Student is a history major, then maybe one of their books in their private library will have.


There are many places to find videos on historical subjects, that can answer the student’s homework questions. Watching these will give the student a lot of information on this subject to give a good answer to the homework question. Another source related to this, is many information stations, have history shows, and may have one playing that will answer the question. Their sites usually have the shows recorded on them, as so anyone can watch shows they missed. These can help the student as well.

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