Study Guides and Strategies: How to Do My Homework as Fast as Possible

No one likes spending hours and hours on homework; we’d all rather be watching TV, hanging out with friends, or playing video games! But homework is absolutely necessary to success in school. So how can you get your homework done and still have plenty of time to enjoy your afternoon and evening? Follow these tips to create an effective homework strategy for you.

  • Ask for help when you need it. If you’re not getting something in your homework, or are having trouble in a particular class, ask for help early and often. The sooner you can get caught up on whatever is giving you problems, the sooner you’ll find yourself doing your homework in no time. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help after school, or to ask your parents or older siblings for advice on your homework. Everyone will be more than willing to help you out, but they need to know you’re struggling in the first place!
  • Unplug and focus. Unless you need to use the internet or your writing software, there’s no need to be in front of the computer while you’re doing your homework, and it will only tempt you to procrastinate and get distracted. The same goes for television and smartphones; anything that offers you an excuse to look away from your work is your enemy! Put yourself in a quiet, distraction-free place while you’re doing your homework, and turn off your phone or any other gadgets that will keep you from giving your homework your all.
  • Keep yourself motivated. Give yourself a five-minute break every hour, or keep a favorite snack handy and treat yourself to some after each assignment or every few pages of reading. This will help you feel rewarded for your hard work, and giving your brain a chance to decompress will actually make doing your homework a lot easier and faster in the long run! On a similar note, don’t be in a huge rush to do your homework the minute you get home from school; give yourself a half hour or so of free time to eat or hang out; you need it after a full day of school!
  • Create a checklist or homework schedule. Know all your assignments beforehand, and budget enough time for each one. A checklist can be great because you will feel accomplished each time you get to cross out one of your assignments after completing it, while a homework schedule can help keep you focused so that you don’t wind up spending hours on one assignment due to procrastination or losing track of time. Have an alarm set up to go off when it’s time to switch to a new subject.

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