Why chemistry homework assignments are so boring

Science can be very boring to students who don’t like it. Of course there’s always some students who find chemistry and other sciences exciting and awesome. For most students, they feel like they are just dragging their feet trying to get through a chemistry assignment. It could be that you don’t like any kind of homework at all. It’s hard to find interest in something you don’t like.

Everyone has their own talents and interests. That’s what makes humanity so diverse and interesting. So for those who would rather read Shakespeare or paint a landscape, chemistry could possibly be considered boring.

Unfortunately, when your teacher assigns chemistry homework you usually can’t get away with the excuse that it’s boring. You are expected to complete it and hand it in to get a grade. Otherwise you may not pass your class. You need to find some motivation.

How to motivate yourself to do boring homework

When you have to plan your own motivation to do homework that’s tedious and boring, you will have to be very creative. Think of something you really like that you don’t allow yourself to do very often. Use it as a reward to get your homework done. It’s like a little game you play with yourself. It takes a little bit of self-mastery but if you can do it, it works great!

For example, you have a 4-page chemistry assignment due next week. You are trying to think of a way to get it done on time and handed in. You know you’ll have to force yourself to do it or it won’t get done. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Buy your favorite snack and only allow yourself to eat it as long as you are working on your chemistry homework at the same time.
  • Tell yourself that after your assignment is finished and handed in, you can go bowling or to a movie with your friends.
  • Spend your cash and hire an online homework helper to do it for you.
  • Find someone else in the class who wants to be homework buddies with you. You can motivate each other to get homework assignments finished. You could meet on campus and do the work together.
  • Trick yourself by lying to yourself about how much fun chemistry actually is and you can’t wait to discover how much you’ll love it! It’s reverse psychology; some students report that it actually works for them.

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