Where To Get Free Online Help With Homework For Kids

If you are looking for some online homework help you could start your search by talking to the teacher. Teachers are aware that their students may need a bit of extra help with their homework and usually have a very clear idea of what help is available online. They can also make suggestions that will enhance the child's learning outside of the classroom. This type of help can deepen a child’s understanding of new concepts that have been introduced in the classroom.

There are several websites that specialise in homework help. Some may be government run or even provided by curriculum designers or supported by the particular field of study. There are websites that particularly support primary or elementary curriculum.

Just like anything else online you need do a few checks to make sure that the information that you are accessing is appropriate and accurate.

  • Are you able to see any recommendations or comments from other people who have use the sites have posted? If there are no recommendations then be wary.
  • Is there any cost attached to using the site. You may be asked to sign up to the site, by just giving your email address. If they are you for your bank or card details then it may not actually be free.
  • Does the site offer examples of the type of help that they have given to other students?
  • Do they specialise in help for a particular age group? Do they offer any help for students who have difficulties such as dyslexia as these students may need some additional support or for their work to be supported in a slightly different way.
  • Make sure that the teachers that are used are qualified in the age group that they are supporting and they share the same first language as you and your child.

Many of the web sites may offer homework help in the form of video tutorials. This is especially good as the students can revisit the videos whenever they want.

There may also be the availability of one to one tutorial support. This support may take the form of a skype session. The tutor may support work that has been set in the classroom or help with breaking down set homework into chunks that can be tackled in logical order and any help that is needed can be provided on an as needed basis.

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