Homework Help for Math: Additional Assistance


There are many sources of additional assistance with homework help for math. If you get stuck on a problem when doing your math homework, the first thing you should consider is watching a short video tutorial.



You can go to YouTube.com and search for the topic of your math homework problem. There are many videos that will show up as possibilities. The best math homework videos are produced by the Khan Academy and patrickJMT. If you are searching online at school and your school has a K-12 filter, you will not be able to go directly to YouTube.



If you want additional assistance with math homework for free, then the first place you should check out is Hippocampus. At Hippocampus, you can search for homework assistance by the type of course that you are taking, and once you have done that, you can click the tab that says “Textbook Correlations.”


For example, if your homework is from Beginning Algebra by Charles P. McKeague, then you can click that link, and you will see a list of topics correlated to the pages in your book, along with the title of the homework assistance that is available instantly online. You will be able to get instant help for the exact math problem that is giving you trouble.



Mathway covers everything from basic math all the way up to calculus. At Mathway, you can type your problem into the browser window, and it will solve the problem for you step by step and explain each step of the process. Mathway also has a glossary so that you can look up unfamiliar math terms, as well as the ability to create graphs from formulas.


You can even use Mathway to give yourself more homework problems like the one that you had trouble with to make sure you understand how to solve that type of problem.


There is a lot of free assistance available online, but not all of it is free. One of the most popular sites for math homework assistance. You will see links for it anytime that you search for math homework assistance, but it is not free.


The resources suggested above should be able to help you quickly and for free. Good luck with your homework.

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