Helpful Guidelines For Parents: How To Make Kids Do Their Homework Assignments

It can be hard when your child isn’t doing their work, but you have to be the authority. There are ways to keep your kids doing their homework. When they stop doing their homework, you feel a loss of control over them. This is never a good feeling for a parent to have. But the thing to do when losing control is to take that control back. The best ways are to be more hands on so that you know they are doing the work assigned to them. Here are a few tips to help you keep your children doing the work they are supposed to be doing.

  • Tips
    • Start a structure young
    • Make them do it before anything else
    • Do it with them
    • Look at it to be sure it is done

  • Start a Structure Young
  • The younger you can start a homework structure the better. If all they know is doing their homework at a certain time, then they are more likely to continue that as they grow up. Not everyone thought of this though when their children were that young so now you have a problem. There are other ways to keep your kids doing their work. You just have to be willing to lay down the law with them.

  • Make Them Do It Before Anything Else
  • If you start a routine that demands that they come straight home from school and finish their homework before they can listen to music, go out, see friends, talk on the phone or do anything else that they are more likely to want just to get it over with. You have to be watching them for this to work though. If you work and are not at home, then they can say they did it and really be out with friends.

  • Do It with Them
  • If you help you kids with their school work, then they are far more likely to do it and probably do it faster. This will help them realize that you care about their education and that it is better just to do it and get it finished. Especially starting this with smaller children helps a lot. You know the material better and are more able to help. As they get older, you can still take an active role but have them tell you what the assignments are.

  • Look Over It To Be Sure It Is Done
  • Make sure that every night you look over their assigned work to see that they have done it all. This can be tricky if they are not telling you everything but if that is the case you can always require them to write all assignments down so you know what they have to do. If the teacher still says they aren’t doing their work you should resort to punishments.

Parenting is not an easy job by far. It is hard to keep kids on the right path. Being that most parents work now, it is even harder. You just have to do your best to keep them doing theirs.

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