Online Homework Answers: Are Those Reliable?

It is an open secret that the world we live in is becoming more and more information-abundant. Not so long ago, there was no other way to get reference information for research or word definitions without using a book. Those who had reference books at home could do it relatively quickly, while those who were not that lucky had to go to the library. It took some time, but the answers they got were absolutely reliable.

In the era of the Internet, an information search process is as quick as lighting, but are those results reliable? The fact that anyone can create a website is the answer to that question. Website owners usually seek to get higher rates on search machines or sell information to visitors they lure in. The verification of the data they give is not their priority.

Is it possible for a knowledge thirsty student to find some homework help if he or she needs one and be sure it is trustworthy? These are the markers that indicate that the online source is trustworthy:

  • The domain suffix.

    Suffixes can tell you a lot about the domain you are about to visit. For instance, “org,” “edu,” or “” are highly trustworthy. “Org” is usually in the URL of groups that charge no money. “Edu” belongs to educational resources. “” or “gov” are owned by government bodies of different types. “Com” is in the URLs of for-profit websites, so their primary aims are to gain money rather than provide information.

  • Authors and accreditation.

    As soon as you see that the author of the article you are about to refer to is a well-known scientist who has published works on the topic at hand, you can assume that the information found on the page is highly reliable.

  • List of references.

    All informational articles should be based on previous research in the subject area. If you fail to see the references at the bottom of the page, you can start doubting data credibility. However, it is necessary to double check the resources, even if you do find them.

Finding reliable online resources can be time-consuming. Finding out whether or not a site is accurate and credible requires certain efforts and research skills. However, this is rewarding because once you find reliable websites, you are free to refer to them in your own research; it makes it more trustworthy as well.

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