Why Do We Have Homework and How to Make the Best of It?

Most teachers us homework as a reinforcement tool or as a way to let students dig deeper into a subject. A student can only absorb so much in one class period. But if a teacher teachers a concept, the teacher wants to make sure that the student can use the concept on his or her own. Additionally, a teacher may have just a short time to explore an event or a person, but wishes for the student to find out more or his or her own. Making the best of this situation requires several tools. You should always write your work down in a planner, ask questions about unclear concepts before class is over, use your down time wisely, and always keep up to date and meet your deadlines for work due.

Use a Planner

When the teacher gives you an assignment, make sure to write it in your planner, Highlight the due date and make sure you understand what the teacher’s expectations are concerning the work. Always keep the planner in your backpack and jot down your jobs in the planner before you leave each class.

Ask Questions

You need to make sure to ask any questions before you leave class. You should always leave with a clear understanding of your job. If you cannot grasp the concept that you are supposed to use on your homework, then this is a problem. Trying the work at home will reinforce the skill, but if you can’t even start the work, that is a big problem. So, make sure to always ask questions.

Use Your Time Wisely

In order to keep up with all of your assignments, use your extra time wisely. You can do work on the bus or at the end of your lunchtime. If you have a study hall always work during that time period. See if you can try to make use of any down time you have at all to keep u with your work. Freeing up an hour can make a world of difference.

Keep Up to Date and Meet Deadlines

If you write down all of your work that is due in a planner or on a large calendar, then you can see what your short and long term homework obligations are. You can see your week or month ahead at a quick glance. Make sure that you meet all of your deadlines and if you are not going to make the date due, talk to the teacher about your concerns.

You need to understand and to appreciate why teachers give you homework. You should also make sure that you write the work in a planner, ask questions, use your time daily throughout the day, and keep up to date with your work and do not miss your deadlines.

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