How to Increase the Effectiveness of Homework: Expert Advice

Studies have shown that homework is an effective method to help students practice the skills they have been taught in school. As they move through the educational system, they learn good study habits, time management, organizational skills and are better prepared for the world that lies ahead of them. However, many students struggle with getting their assignments finished and are often times labelled as "unmotivated." If you have a student struggling, here are a few tips experts recommend for increasing the effectiveness of homework.

An At-Home Work Station

Whether it be a desk or a kitchen table, providing a child with a well-lit, quiet area to concentrate from is a must. This room should be free from distractions and have the necessary supplies your child will need (pens, pencils, rulers etc.). By giving your child the same "station" to work from, it conditions their mind to go into work-mode and will cut down on frustration and stress.

Make a Homework Schedule

Work is assigned to help cement the information taught in school, but it can also sometimes interfere with your child's extracurricular activities. This can include after school practices or lessons. In order to facilitate all your child's needs, help them make a schedule to organize both their homework and other activities. This not only teaches them good time management, but keeps them (and you) organized.

Don't Do It For Them

Although, parents are encouraged to help a child with any problems that may arise from an assignment, this does not mean you do the work for them. Doing homework is a skill that children must learn to reinforce the lessons taught at school. If parents step in and do the work, the child will never fully grasp the concepts they need to move ahead.

Offer Support and Avoid Punishment

Many parents get frustrated by their child's lack of productiveness when it comes time to do their assignments. However, it is best to support and encourage, rather than get upset or use punishment for motivation. This will have a negative impact on your child's overall mental health and will actually work against you. If your child is struggling with a task or just the motivation to get started find out what the underlying problem may be. Sitting down with your youngster to unravel the frustration they may be experiencing will go a long way in solving the problem.

Homework shouldn't be the cause of a war every night. Follow these tips to help your student become more productive and put them on the road to success.

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